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Canadian Passport for Sale@ 660 617 3994

Posted by: Fastdocuments on 01/24/2018 05:19 AM

Canadian Passport offices are independent operating agencies governed by the Canadian government and controlled by its Foreign Affairs department. It has been renamed as Passport Canada recently. The office holds all the rights for issuing, withholding, recovering as well as revoking passports. According to the Canadian Passport new policies, a simplified renewal process for passports and a guarantor policy has been put into effect. According to the new guarantor policy, Travel Visa holders living in Canada as well as the U.S would be allowed to be named as guarantors in regards of other applications. According to the new guarantor policy, the following requirements are required to be fulfilled for gaining eligibility as a guarantor.

With the help of databases, verification of eligibility of the guarantor is done for increasing efficiency and security of the process. According to the new renewal process, guarantors and citizenship proofs are no more required for renewal purposes. If you want to apply Canadian passport renewal in India, application form, present visa, photographs and immigration documents are required to be submitted.

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